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Welcome to the GPW - MB - CJ 2A/3A/3B - MC/M38  Visual Reference site. This site was inspired by several of my favorite sites including G503.com, JeepGuy.com and JeepDraw. This started out as  a simple collection  of MB/GPW data plates images but as you will see it has expanded to include "Go Devil" engine blocks and other items relating to flat fender jeeps. I started taking pictures and collecting images of various components for two reasons. One I wanted to see the different styles of data plates and the stampings used.  Two I was trying to visualize some of the differences and nuances of various parts used in production of jeeps. I realized early on there wasn't one site that had the visual information I was looking for. As I started collecting images I thought maybe I wasn't alone in my quest.  I decided to share with other flat fender enthusiasts the images I was collecting so hence the creation of this site. Hopefully restorers will benefit and find helpful the images I have collected. What is surprising is the number of changes made during production of jeeps whether they are MB's, GPW's, early CJ's or M38's.  This site is by no means conclusive and is meant to complement other sites on the net. Rather than repeat information that is available I will add URL's where appropriate.

Images I have collected are from various sources. Some are images I've photographed, some from fellow G503'ers and some from Ebay auction ads. I  give credit to the images/information I have received. I use a (ICO <name>) Images Courtesy Of by those images. If you should find an image you have supplied and you have not been credited please e-mail me with the image name and I will correct. The images on this site are for NONCOMMERCIAL use only. Images may be used for educational displays such as MV shows and such with the only request of being credit for the source i.e. "Images or information courtesy of ww2jeeps.com" 

All images and text copyright 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Dino Danieli

My addiction to jeeps started at an early age. My father owned several jeeps as I grew up including a '43 GPW (painted pink!), a purple Willys Overland wagon and other CJ's. I first learned how to drive at the age of 12 using the '43 GPW on the jeep trails around my home town of Aspen Co. I had a '53 CJ3B while in high school. I had several other jeep trucks and wagons during my 20's but once I moved to California in '82 I didn't feel the need for a 4X4. Fast forward almost 20 years, around Thanksgiving of 2001 I started getting the jeep itch and decided to buy a MB on Ebay. This jeep turned out to be a Philippine jeep salad, a complete mixture of some MB and mostly GPW parts. It also had no serial numbers or data plates anywhere. Once I started understanding the differences I realized I needed a different frame (as this was a repro). I acquired a GPW frame with matching data plates locally. So...the MB I bought is now going to become GPW 232393 DOD 10/31/44. I claim no expertise just the knowledge gained from  research, the sites mentioned and from the fellow flat fender enthusiasts I have met. Feel free to email me anytime with suggestions, corrections or questions. My e-mail address is zg925@hotmail.com .


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