"Go Devil" Heads

MB Engine article on G503

Ford GPW casting # 6050   Variation of GPW head from John Dallimore

Willys MA & pre-war casting # 637014 (Possibility early MB Slat Grills may have used this head)

Willys MB early-war (1941-42) casting # 639660 or 639660C  No Willys or Jeep cast on head

Willys MB mid-war (1942-44) casting # 639660C with Willys cast on head   (ICO Carl Marcotte)

Willys MB late-war (1944-45) casting # 639660C  Willys and Jeep cast on head

Willys CJ2A/3A casting # 640161

Willys MC/M38 casting # 800376


Willy Willy Very interesting after-market High performance head