Images Wanted

I'm looking for any images of Willys, Ford GPW and any L-head blocks or heads you do not see listed on this site or blocks with unusual markings. In particular I would like images of the Boss (behind the oil filter or the water pump) with serial number, the right side of engine with any casting numbers or casting dates, and where possible, the date stamped on the oil pan mating flange

I would like images of any MA 638632 blocks with the MA serial number.

I am also looking for detailed images of Hotchkiss French made blocks. 

I'm looking for  detailed images of the Cj2A column shift and top bows for CJ2A, CJ3A and CJ3B.

I would like images of any original DOD dash serial number data plates from MB/GPW. I am also looking for any frame data tags from Willys-MB/MC/CJ and the serial numbers stamped on GPW frames. My goal is to have an image of a data plate from every week of production of GPW's and MB's made during WW2.

I would also like images of any early CJ2A data plates especially the 3 tags on the dash.

You can send images to my E-mail address It is probably best to send images one or two at a time. You do not need to worry about cropping or changing density as I will do that. If you have hard copy images and wish me to scan you can send to my address. Please enclose a self addressed envelope if you wish the pictures returned. I give picture credit for any images sent. This is noted as: (ICO <your name>) ICO = Image(s) Courtesy Of

Michael "Dino" Danieli
22531 Styles St.
Woodland Hills, Ca. 91367

Thank you....Dino!